A Family of Hyperbolic-Type Explicit Force Regulators with Active Velocity Damping for Robot Manipulators

Fernando Reyes-Cortés, César Chávez-Olivares, Emilio J. González-Galván
2018 Journal of Robotics  
This paper addresses the explicit force regulation problem for robot manipulators in interaction tasks. A new family of explicit force-control schemes is presented, which includes a term driven by a large class of saturated-type hyperbolic functions to handle the force error. Also, an active velocity damping term with the purpose of obtaining energy dissipation on the contact surface is incorporated plus compensation for gravity. In order to ensure asymptotic stability of the closed-loop system
more » ... closed-loop system equilibrium point in Cartesian space, we propose a strict Lyapunov function. A force sensor placed at the end-effector of the robot manipulator is used in order to feed back the measure of the force error in the closed-loop, and an experimental comparison of the performance L2-norm between 5 explicit force control schemes, which are the classical proportional-derivative (PD), arctangent, and square-root controls and two members of the proposed control family, on a two-degree-of-freedom, direct-drive robot manipulator, is presented.
doi:10.1155/2018/9324623 fatcat:rbs5njtxdba7jogc2oqfc7wvoq