Effect of glucose on polyol metabolism by Rhizobium trifolii

C W Ronson, S B Primrose
1979 Journal of Bacteriology  
The effect of glucose on polyol metabolism by Rhizobium trifoiji was studied. Phenomena similar to catabolite repression and catabolite inhibition were observed. The catabolism of glucose to at least glucose 6-phosphate was required for the effects to be exerted. The pathways used by Rhizobium for carbohydrate catabolism have been studied by several workers. The Entner-Doudoroff pathway is thought to be the major pathway used for hexose catabolism in both fast-and slow-growing rhizobia (2, 3, 6, 9, 10), whereas the nonoxidative
doi:10.1128/jb.139.3.1075-1078.1979 fatcat:hf5i3hfvmfb3namxxkwkj7lona