Barbora Holienková, Zuzana Krumpálová
2016 CBU International Conference Proceedings  
Recently, the number of alien landscape species has dramatically increased, and this could be a serious threat, not only for native species but also in cases of outbreaks for farmers. Our objective was to examine the impact of the urban environment (positive or negative) on the diversity of native species; forecast biotic homogenization or diversification of urban fauna; and determine the extent to which each of the zones are affected by invasive species. To examine the effect of urbanization,
more » ... e selected 16 areas (across three urban zones and one zone in the protected area for comparison) for this study in 2015 in Nitra. We found that snails in open locations had significantly greater species diversity and abundance of individuals than in closed locations. Slightly degraded areas had the most abundant snail species, but areas heavily disturbed had high species diversity and incidence of individuals. It appears that heavily disturbed areas are suitable as new types of refuge for snails, e.g., for Helix lucorum, which was recorded in Slovakia for the first time (numerically recorded at the railway station) in 2014.
doi:10.12955/cbup.v4.766 fatcat:k34sdlhtiraq7g7hc3e3qqhucm