Development of Side Door Intrusion Beam of Passenger Car For Maximum Bending Load

Yogesh Nichit, K Battu
2017 unpublished
Now a Days, to reduce the fuel consumption more fuel efficient vehicles are introduced. It's the main challenge automotive industries are facing. Without compromising Safety, they are changing structure of vehicle to reduce the vehicle weight. In early stage of design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to determine appropriate cross-section profile for the side door intrusion beam. Side door intrusion beam are used to absorb energy during accident and to protect the passenger during crash.
more » ... nger during crash. Side door intrusion plays a major part in complete assembly of the door. FEA models have been developed with different cross-section to do three point bending test. Iterations are taken using LS-DYNA. Improved parameters are determined on the basis of maximum bending load capacity. The Bending force required for different sections are evaluated and compared. Optimum design of 'side intrusion beam' which is best performing for intrusion is determined.