Pragmatic possibilities of interrogative sentences in a stable form

A Shamaxmudova
2022 Zamonaviy lingvistik tadqiqotlar: xorijiy tajribalar, istiqbolli izlanishlar va tillarni o'qitishning innovatsion usullari  
It is known that' the units of the language from the phoneme composition to the text are among the objects of pragmalinguistics. And with the study of the pragmatic nature of the sentence, pragmatic syntax, which carries out a functional approach to the analysis of syntactic phenomena, is involved.In other words, the tasks of pragmatic syntax include the study of the Active features of the speech act of subordinate clauses in its focus, as well as the interaction of the pragmatic and structural-semantic properties of the sentence
doi:10.47689/linguistic-research-vol-iss1-pp17-19 fatcat:nqlzvb54rjfd5k56un2w7qlcly