HTML5, Tablet Computers and the Emerging Web Paradigm

Amy J Dyrbye
In recent years, consumers have embraced a range of portable web-ready devices, and with them, new means of accessing and using the web. Yet, despite consumer adoption of smartphones and tablet computers for personal and work-related activities both within and without the academy, academic projects' websites still use specifications like XHTML and CSS best suited for a desktop or laptop computer user. This thesis examines the design choices behind academic project websites using XHTML and CSS,
more » ... nd, through a framework of Thomas Kuhn's concept of the paradigm shift and a hands-on project, demonstrates how a shift toward the W3C's newest specifications, HTML5 and CSS3, enables projects to expand their websites to include devices like tablet computer.
doi:10.7939/r3ff3m99b fatcat:cvdg7slzxrdotc2p6kbfj2uhuy