Diagnostic radiology in the technological era. Comparison between two models
Radiología diagnóstica en la era tecnológica. Comparación entre dos modelos

O A Andrade-Barreto, Leonel Villa-Caballero
Gaceta Médica de México  
Diagnostic Radiology is a medical specialty that has played a dynamic role in the medical arena during the last three decades of the XX century. As a part of the evolution of this specialty, medicine and society at large have received diverse benefits in areas of diagnosis and for the decision making process in the clinical practice. Modern radiology has provided numerous advances and refined tools that give more convenience speed and precise diagnosis in the current medical practice. At the
more » ... sent time, these technologies are part of the standard of care in the US and other industrialized countries, representing the ultimate desire or goal to reach for other healthcare systems in developing countries as well. Unfortunately, many of the clinical skills in the health care personal have not evolved at the same pace of those modern technologies, conditioning a reduction in the performance of sensitive areas to the patient's interest, such as the caring, compassion and quality of health care. It is unquestionable the value and benefits that technologies such as CAT and MRI scans have brought to the standard practice in the recent time. Nonetheless, it is desirable to maintain the highest possible level of clinical skills despite the extended use of modern technologies by the health personnel, without compromising the quality of care. Yet is pending the future role and rational use for those technologies in radiology, especially in times when delivering good, reliable health care have become a priority for many health institutions worldwide. This approach would be the ultimate goal to reach in times and circumstances where health for all is the highest precious value to obtain at global level.
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