Hydrocarbon trapping mechanism and petrophysical analysis of Afam field, offshore Nigeria

D Oyeyemi Kehinde, P Aizebeokhai Ahzegbobor
2015 International Journal of Physical Sciences  
The structural trapping mechanism and petrophysical attributes of Afam field, offshore Niger Delta was evaluated using 3D seismic reflection data and composite well logs data. The structure maps and seismic sections show that the anticlinal structure at the centre of the field, which is tied to the crest of the rollover structure assisted by faults, is the principal structure responsible for the hydrocarbon entrapment in the field. Distinctive fault closures are the dominant structural plays in
more » ... the field. Structural highs, fault assisted closures comprising two-way closure and four-way dip closed structures are evident on the depth structure maps. Petrophysical analysis of four mapped reservoir sand horizons quantitatively revealed water saturation ranging from 3.07 to 12.02% in Well1 and 7.25 to 19.32% in Well 5; hydrocarbon saturation with range 87.98 to 96.93% (well 1), 80.68 to 92.75% (well 5). The porosity and permeability values of the reservoirs within the field proved them to be quite prolific with the porosity ranging from 24.5 to 31% (well 1), 21.25 to 28.25% (well 5) and permeability range of 2606.91 to 11,777.71 mD (well 1), 1050 to 6502.20 mD (well 5).
doi:10.5897/ijps2015.4275 fatcat:iksy5pgkjrfnrmxhl6sqv3byzm