Direction-selective emission with small angular divergence from a subwavelength aperture using radiative waveguide modes

Wook-Jae Lee, Jong-Bum You, Kyungmook Kwon, Byounghun Park, Kyoungsik Yu
2013 Physical Review B  
We investigate experimentally and theoretically the highly direction-selective emission with small angular divergence in a metal-dielectric-metal structure with a subwavelength metal aperture layer. The thicknesses of the dielectric layer and top metal layer play important roles in controlling the emission direction and angular divergence, respectively. Dispersion curve calculations based on the transfer matrix method indicate that the directional emission is mediated by radiative waveguide
more » ... ative waveguide modes. We show that the directional emission in a metaldielectric-metal structure is independent of the polarization of the incident light in contrast to plasmonic beaming structures, such as a subwavelength aperture surrounded by surface corrugations with a strong polarization dependence.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.87.125108 fatcat:syao7itvhfb7xgnyddpyy7eq7a