V. V. Gribova, V. O. Strekalev
2020 Vestnik komp iuternykh i informatsionnykh tekhnologii  
The architecture of the instrumental complex for the creation and reproduction of immersive virtual simulators using biological feedback is proposed. An overview of existing solutions such as tools for the development and reproduction of virtual simulators is considered. The analysis of the use of virtual reality in different areas such as aircraft control, parachute jumping, various medical procedures, and operations which require preliminary preparation is considered. The concept of an
more » ... ve virtual simulator with biological feedback has been introduced. The use of virtual reality and biological feedback equipment as well as the applicability of the software-hardware complex in the field of interaction and control of objects of the virtual environment based on the state of a person and the state of objects are determined within its framework. The following principles of the instrumental complex development based on the use of the ontological approach are proposed: the use of various mechanisms to describe the learning scenario, the support for various control mechanisms of the simulator, the inclusion of specialists of different profiles in the development process of the simulator, and the automatic generation of the components of the virtual environment based on the declarative model of the virtual simulator to simplify the creation of a virtual environment. The description of the architecture and all interested participants is provided. The connections between the participants and the components of the tool complex are shown. The information and software components of the instrumental complex aimed at automating the process of creation, launch, control, and monitoring based on biological feedback are considered. A complex of ontologies is described: the ontology of an immersive virtual simulator with biological feedback and the ontology of knowledge about human states. The interfaces of the instrumental complex are demonstrated, such as interfaces of the equipment editor, monitoring tools, and launching tools.
doi:10.14489/vkit.2020.08.pp.019-028 fatcat:nyet4p3qkvecliahuktcjbkwbu