Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Drag on Experimental Fouling-release Surfaces, using Rotating Disks

Eric Holm, Michael Schultz, Elizabeth Haslbeck, Walter Talbott, Andrew Field
2004 Biofouling (Print)  
Fouling by biofilms significantly increases frictional drag on ships' hulls. A device, the friction disk machine, designed to measure torque on rotating disks, was used to examine differences among experimental fouling-release coatings in the drag penalty due to accumulated biofilms. Penalties were measured as the percentage change in the frictional resistance coefficient C f . Drag penalties due to microfouling ranged from 9% to 29%, comparable to previously reported values. An antifouling
more » ... rol coating showed a smaller drag penalty than the fouling-release coatings. There were also significant differences among the fouling-release coatings in drag due to biofilm formation. These results indicate that the friction disk machine may serve as a valuable tool for investigating the effects of experimental coatings, both antifouling and fouling-release, on microfouling and associated drag penalties.
doi:10.1080/08927010400011245 pmid:15621643 fatcat:7cnppzdwqrd5ljqhhqf544pcei