Differences in Smiley Usage and Sentiment in Reddit Corpora

Leon Wetzel, G.J. Mills
2018 Zenodo  
What do smileys actually mean? Since people do not have an official dictionary on smileys - unlike dictionaries for words such as the Oxford dictionary or the Van Dale dictionary - they rely on their gut feeling or made-up conventions if they decide to use :) instead of :(. It is also reasonable to think that users learn from each other: if one uses :), it is likely that a person who first encounters that smiley will use it in future conversations as well. Also, smileys tend to be loyally used:
more » ... one does not abandon a :) because (: is cooler or better. In this thesis, we look at the sentiment state of corpora in which a smiley is used. We will discover if :) is really used more often in positive messages than :(. Furthermore, we take a look at a niche phenomenon in the form of the reversed smileys such as (: and ): . Do they mean the same as their normal counterparts? And how popular are these smileys?
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4469730 fatcat:xkst6gwidjhlxazku3t3tvflgy