A Private Obstetrical Record

1912 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
question arises: How much of her trouble may not have come primarily from this condition, with auto intoxication, being continued from the alimentary tract, over-work of the liver in handling of the poisons, poor functioning of all the abdominal organs from mal-position and interference with proper nerve and blood supply, due to stretching. In conclusion: 1. Ptosis is present probably in many more cases than we realize, 9 out of 29. 2. The size of the stomach varies enormously and the tubular
more » ... retched stomach is present in most of the cases of ptosis-6 out of 9-and that the lesser curvature can be greatly stretched down, this series shows. 3. The small intestines vary greatly in length, 10 ft. 6 in. to 25 ft. 10 in., averaging 19 ft. 3 in., the length having only slight effect on the nutrition, with a tendency to more fat the longer the intestine and vice versa.
doi:10.1056/nejm191208221670805 fatcat:s4vqij55rjhdpoj25l7mlrbbpy