Connectomics to Semantomics: Addressing the Brain's Big Data Challenge1

Xerxes D. Arsiwalla, David Dalmazzo, Riccardo Zucca, Alberto Betella, Santiago Brandi, Enrique Martinez, Pedro Omedas, Paul Verschure
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
Can semantic corpora be coupled to dynamical simulations in such a way so as to extract new associations from the data that were hitherto unapparent? We attempt to do this within neuroscience as an application domain, by introducing the notion of the semantome and coupling it to the connectome of the human brain network. This is implemented using BrainX 3 , a virtual reality simulation cum data mining platform that can be used for visualization, analysis and feature extraction of neuroscience
more » ... ta. We use this system to explore anatomical, functional and symptomatic semantics associated to simulated neuronal activity of a healthy brain, one with stroke and one perturbed by transcranial magnetic stimulation. In particular, we find that parietal and occipital lesions in stroke affect the visual processing pathway leading to symptoms such as visual neglect, depression and photo-sensitivity seizures. Integrating semantomics with connectomics thus generates hypotheses about symptoms, functions and brain activity that supplement existing tools for diagnosis of mental illness. Our results suggest a new approach to big data with potential applications to other domains.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.07.278 fatcat:36mxwaq2rnflhabjzohr47d3nu