Augmented reality, virtual reality and digital games: A research on teacher candidates

Okan Sarıgöz, Mustafa Kemal University
2019 Educational Policy Analysis and Strategic Research  
Virtual reality, although it is in the real world, is a three-dimensional simulation model that brings users to a different environment with computer-generated graphics, video and audio, and enables communication with the media. Virtual reality is the imitation of the physical structure from a realworld or an imaginary world in a computer-generated environment. Augmented reality is the combination of the real world with the virtual world, the creation of enriched environments using virtual
more » ... using virtual objects, the combination of physical reality and digital holograms, or the creation of a virtual world suitable for the purpose by using digital products. The aim of this study is to determine the opinions of teacher candidates studying in the faculty of education in terms of augmented reality, virtual reality and digital games depending on some demographic variables. The working group of the study consisted of teacher candidates studying in different departments of the Faculty of Education of Mustafa Kemal University in 2018-2019 Academic Year. Mixed model and General survey model were used in the study. In order to determine the opinions of teacher candidates, Using Digital Educational Plays Scale was used as a data collection tool. As a result of the research, there was no statistically significant difference between the opinions of the teacher candidates about the use of digital educational games in terms of the affective component, perceived usefulness, perceived control and the scale generally in terms of the scale, however, however, it has been concluded that there is a difference in favor of women in sub-dimension of affective components. In addition, in the research, teacher candidates were not afraid to use computer, but they were afraid of playing computer games.
doi:10.29329/epasr.2019.208.3 fatcat:mvler22qebhhtfccucxg2cedza