Lattice dynamics of the ordered vacancy compound HgIn2Square Operator Te4

A Miller, D J Lockwood, A MacKinnon, D Weaire
1976 Journal of Physics C Solid State Physics  
HgInpTe, has a structure which may be regarded as being derived from that of zincblende by the incorporation of an ordered array of vacancies. The k = 0 vibrational modes of this compound have been studied using infrared reflectivity and Raman scattering measurements, the latter using Brewster-angle geometry. A semi-empirical theoretical model of the Keating type achieves a reasonable fit to the observed mode frequencies as well as the elastic constant data of Saunders and Seddon, and is used
more » ... predict dispersion relations. Qualitative features of the spectrum related to the role of the vacancy are discussed.
doi:10.1088/0022-3719/9/16/009 fatcat:axrhz77xq5arlerkwqknmltrvm