Efficient CONGEST Algorithms for the Lovasz Local Lemma [article]

Yannic Maus, Jara Uitto
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We present a poly loglog n time randomized CONGEST algorithm for a natural class of Lovasz Local Lemma (LLL) instances on constant degree graphs. This implies, among other things, that there are no LCL problems with randomized complexity between log n and poly loglog n. Furthermore, we provide extensions to the network decomposition algorithms given in the recent breakthrough by Rozhon and Ghaffari [STOC2020] and the follow up by Ghaffari, Grunau, and Rozhon [SODA2021]. In particular, we show
more » ... w to obtain a large distance separated weak network decomposition with a negligible dependency on the range of unique identifiers.
arXiv:2108.02638v1 fatcat:cnfe5waaojfc5cggqgyqwvuo7i