Сonditions of achieving electromagnetic motor maximal efficiency
Условия реализации предельного КПД электромагнитного двигателя

Vladimir Neyman, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russian Federation
2020 Proceedings of the Russian higher school Academy of sciences  
Energy conversion modes of the electromagnetic motor when the armature is accelerated are established to be preferable with respect to maximal efficiency. A non-saturated electromagnetic motor where the armature is once accelerated in the magnetic field generated by the inductor is considered to be a research subject. New relations are obtained for the analysis of the conditions when the maximal efficiency is achieved with respect to the energy conversion mode and the elementary magnetic cycle
more » ... ary magnetic cycle configuration. It is shown that the efficiency of about 100 % can be theoretically achieved only if special automatic control means are used. The efficiency cannot be more than a theoretical limit of 50 % if there is no automatic control. The obtained results and conclusions for separate energy conversion modes are well agreed with the results obtained by other authors in the past.
doi:10.17212/1727-2769-2020-1-2-45-59 fatcat:xlc6mgsxlvd5plck77splpii7m