The Data Library for Accelerating Structures Development. RF Parameters of the Drift Tube Accelerating Structure [article]

V V Paramonov
The Drift Tube (DT) accelerating structure is very well known, developed and widely used in existent proton linacs. Nevertheless, in the development of new projects all time arise the problem to estimate rf parameters of the structure for particular case given. This paper is the first report about activity in the creation of the data library for accelerating structures development. Basing on particularities of codes, which were developed early in INR (CPU time to calculate in 2D approximation
more » ... e variant of the cell is several seconds with modern computer) and later were added with the shell to change automatically cell dimensions and tune to the frequency given, we store one time extremely large number of variants. The ranges of the cell dimensions overlap all known and another reasonably interesting variants of the DT structure application (both with focusing lenses inside drift tubes and without lenses). The main (cells dimensions, quality factor, shunt impedance, transit time factor) and additional results (the distribution of rf losses and so on) are stored in the file and provide the data base for further treatment. Using the data base obtained, we can with scaling and interpolation consider and compare, without additional calculations, rf parameters of the structure at different frequencies and with different limitations, finding either optimal or compromise solution for the structure.
doi:10.5170/cern-1996-007.493 fatcat:rwv5bovmnjb7lmskq6ymal6t6m