Методика прогнозирования межочистного периода линейного трубопровода

Вяткин Кирилл Андреевич, Илюшин Павел Юрьевич, Козлов Антон Вадимович
Pipeline transport is the main method of transportation of hydrocarbons. Based on the analysis of field data, it was determined that the intercleaning period of pipelines is associated with the time of year and reaches its peak in the spring. In the laboratory of "Oilfield chemistry" of the REC GiRNGM PNRPU, using the "Cold finger" installation, laboratory studies were carried out to determine the kinetic parameters of the formation of organic deposits in different months of the year. Analysis
more » ... the year. Analysis of the results of laboratory studies allows us to note that these parameters are nonlinear functions of temperature, but it is not possible to predict changes in the value of the MOS only on the basis of laboratory studies, which is why the authors of the article proposed the introduction of the value of the relative MOS. The introduction of this parameter will make it possible to predict the nature and extent of changes in the MOS of the pipeline on the basis of laboratory studies and using pipeline modeling in hydrodynamic simulators.
doi:10.24412/2076-6785-2021-3-44-48 fatcat:ohymmju4hndttf4jcn5ditb66u