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2013 Psychopathology  
Contents Preface One Tablet or Two? Towards the Development of Pharmacogenomically Informed Drug Dose Individualization: Kirchheiner, J.; Seeringer, A.; Viviani, R.; Hodgkinson, S. Pharmacogenomics: Refl ecting on the Old and New Social, Ethical and Policy Issues in Postgenomics Medicine: Ozdemir, V. Pharmacogenomics and Personality: Role of CYP2D6 and Implications for Psychopathology: Peñas-LLedó, E.M.; Dorado, P.; LLerena, A. Pharmacogenetics of Schizophrenia: Bringing 'Order to Chaos' in the
more » ... Psychopharmacology of Schizophrenia? Buckley, P.F.; Miller, D.D.; Foster, A. Pharmacogenomics of Depression: Serretti, A.; Drago, A.; Spina, E. Pharmacogenomics of Attention-Defi cit/ Hyperactivity Disorder: Froehlich, T.; Stein, M.A. Pharmacogenomics of Eating Disorders: Monteleone, P.; Maj, M. Future of Personalized Prescription in Psychiatry: de Leon, J.
doi:10.1159/000346014 fatcat:bcbm6ovhgzh4xkqo4i2jrbv6n4