Modeling of Common Rail System and Constant Volume Chamber in Biodiesel Combustion: A Review

Him Ramsy, Amir Khalid, Adiba Rhaodah Andsaler, M. Jaat
2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
Among the challenges faced by diesel engines combustion nowadays are to reduce emission especially Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particular Matter (PM) while enhancing fuel efficiency and power. The purpose of this review is to explore the mixture formation of biodiesel combustion using constant volume chamber and optical visualization. This paper will review the development of a single-shot combustion system and constant volume chamber. An overview of the relation of mixture formation and
more » ... ation and combustion process in diesel combustion is provided first. This review has shown that the application of Rapid compression Machine (RCM) is used to simulate actual condition especially the injection pressure and air motion. The review also found that the mixing between fuel and air is unavoidable and very important during ignition delay period thus predominantly influences the exhaust emission. The detailed behaviour of injection characteristic that strongly effects the mixture formation especially the spray evaporation and spray interference are discussed.Keywords: Rapid Compression Machine; Ignition Delay; Nozzle; Injection System; Air Motion; Ambient
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:ac5wjign7nbpnghsv4d37w2tra