Assessing behavior and fate of micropollutants during wastewater treatment: Statistical analysis

2020 Environmental Engineering Research  
This study examines the occurrence of micropollutants (n = 46) in raw sewage, as well as the fate of the removal performance for these substances by the Al-Hoceima city wastewater treatment plant. The treatment process removed more than 50-90% of heavy metals from the wastewater. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Polychlorinated Biphenyls were eliminated from wastewater by 20-50%. The quality of the effluent discharged complied with national and international wastewater discharge standards.
more » ... tatistical methods were applied to examine the relationships between the concentrations of micropollutants and macropollutants entering and leaving the wastewater treatment plant, and a model for estimating the production of micropollutants, based on a measurement of macro pollution parameters.
doi:10.4491/eer.2020.359 fatcat:tckg7bxmtrckdoru36dbads4ii