Critical slowing down and error analysis in lattice QCD simulations

Stefan Schaefer, Rainer Sommer, Francesco Virotta
2011 Nuclear Physics B  
We study the critical slowing down towards the continuum limit of lattice QCD simulations with Hybrid Monte Carlo type algorithms. In particular for the squared topological charge we find it to be very severe with an effective dynamical critical exponent of about 5 in pure gauge theory. We also consider Wilson loops which we can demonstrate to decouple from the modes which slow down the topological charge. Quenched observables are studied and a comparison to simulations of full QCD is made. In
more » ... ll QCD is made. In order to deal with the slow modes in the simulation, we propose a method to incorporate the information from slow observables into the error analysis of physical observables and arrive at safer error estimates.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2010.11.020 fatcat:opw2tm46dnep3bprdfxca2qjjm