About the estimation of degree of coherence for circularly polarized waves

C Zenkova, M Gorsky, N Gorodynska
2010 Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics  
In this work we propose a technique of field polarisation modulation for determining degree of coherence for the circularly polarised waves. The processes of three-wave interaction are studied in connection with the problems of applied polarisation holography and, in particular, polarisation-sensitive diffraction gratings. We also demonstrate an important part of the reference circularly polarised wave in transformation of spatial polarisation distribution into a depth of visibility modulation
more » ... f the resulting distribution, which can be metrologically estimated and analysed. PACS : 42.25.Kb, 42.25.Hz UDC: 535.41 Zenkova C.Yu. et al Ukr. J. Phys. Opt. 2010, V11, №3 132 cannot evaluate the degree of coherence of the initial waves in this case. The polarisation evolves from the linearly polarised state, through elliptical, and again into the linear state, thus repeating the distribution of polarisation modulation observed under the superposition of mutually orthogonal linearly polarised waves [3-6, 18, 19]. Fig. 2. Model interaction scheme for the two absolutely coherent circularly polarised waves of the same handedness and intensity.
doi:10.3116/16091833/11/3/127/2010 fatcat:etrgj73vybdgtj5ielxwn367ku