A Detailed Analysis of the Part Load Ratio and Cooling Energy Characteristics of Chiller Operation in an Office Building
사무소 건물에서 냉동기의 부분부하율 및 냉방 에너지 성능 특성 분석

Byeong-Mo Seo, Byeong-Ho Yu, Kwang-Ho Lee
2015 Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering  
Commercial buildings account for significant portions of the total building energy in Korea, and thus, a variety of research on chiller operation has been carried out. However, most of the studies were carried out on the chiller itself, i.e., the part load ratio characteristics and the corresponding electricity energy consumption patterns were not analyzed in existing studies. In this study, the part load ratio and the operating characteristics of the vapor compression chiller were analyzed
more » ... in an office building equipped with the conventional variable air volume system. As a result, significant portions of total operating hours, cooling load, and energy consumption turned out to be in the part load ratio range of 0 through 50%. Thus, energy consumption was significantly affected by the chiller COP at low part load conditions, indicating that chiller operation at the part load is an important factor in commercial buildings. 기호설명 PLR :부분부하율 [%] ChillerCapFTemp :온도변화에 따른 냉동기 냉방능력 비율 ChillerEIRFTemp :온도변화에 따른 냉동기 전기에 너지 소비 비율 ChillerEIRFPLR :PLR 변화에 따른 냉동기 전기에너 지 소비 비율
doi:10.6110/kjacr.2015.27.11.567 fatcat:jyjomsbprjbejc6zzpj7zvq32i