Main principles of the development of the life quality evaluation methods in the case of vitreoretinal pathology

I. G. Ovechkin, A. V. Malyshev, G. Yu. Karapetov, T. A. Avanesova, N. I. Ovechkin
2016 Oftalʹmologiâ  
The aim of the study was to develop a methodology for assessing the quality of life in patients with different types of vitreoretinal pathology. The first stage is detection of target group, collection data of diseases, choosing the key features and principles of valuation developed questionnaire. The detailed list of questions, determination the type of questionnaire, method of data collection, as well as developing (if necessary) scaling system (indexation) of answers is made on the second
more » ... ge. The preliminary version of questionnaire on the base on 2 first stage. At the final stage of development assess the reliability, validity and sensitivity of the method of construction with the possibility of some modification of both the questionnaire and psychometric evaluation of the parameters of the test should be accessed. We conducted a broad survey of 28 experts-ophthalmologists (mean age 42.4 years), with extensive experience as a general clinical practice (average work experience is 20.4 years), and immediate surgical operation in the field of medical and surgical treatment of patients with various types of vitreoretinal pathology. The list of suggested questions for patients (total 37 questions), and the time of occurrence of the symptom criteria for psychometric scale responses was presented to the every expert. The choice of psychometric rating scale is (along with the definition of specific issues) the basic methodological position of developing the questionnaire. The most appropriate time scaling with the month period. Therefore the answers were presented in the the form of «permanent», «once a day», «every week», «every month», «absent». From a practical point of view it is extremely important to the The consideration of a quantitative estimation of the responses is extremely important from the practical point of view.
doi:10.18008/1816-5095-2015-4-75-79 doaj:ca86996fd95b4653a43a86334051daa9 fatcat:dvp5mzrh35ba5mn35xioaklejm