Thermodynamic description of non-Markovian information flux of nonequilibrium open quantum systems

Hong-Bin Chen, Guang-Yin Chen, Yueh-Nan Chen
2017 Physical Review A  
One of the fundamental issues in the field of open quantum systems is the classification and quantification of non-Markovianity. In the contest of quantity-based measures of non-Markovianity, the intuition of non-Markovianity in terms of information backflow is widely discussed. However, it is not easy to characterize the information flux for a given system state and show its connection to non-Markovianity. Here, by using the concepts from thermodynamics and information theory, we discuss a
more » ... ntial definition of information flux of an open quantum system, valid for static environments. We present a simple protocol to show how a system attempts to share information with its environment and how it builds up system-environment correlations. We also show that the information returned from the correlations characterizes the non-Markovianity and a hierarchy of indivisibility of the system dynamics.
doi:10.1103/physreva.96.062114 fatcat:txhi5owkrfaixj7o7loci6fkuy