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1873 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
are not to be recommended, as they are liable to produce dangerous inflammation of the epiglottis and adjoining parts, as has, in fact, already occurred. The little staff of Voltolini, which is, of course, harmless, would answer the purpose for which it was intended much better, as mentioned by Schrötter, if it wore larger, thereby preventing tho rolling in about it of the sides of tho epiglottis, which is more likely to occur the smaller the instrument employed. But all these contrivances are
more » ... nnecessary, for, as Stork has recently said,* the instruments which we use for operating in the larynx have usually the same ourve as the catheter ; hence a second instrument is not necessary, the operating instrulncnt itself holding up the epiglottis. In closing these remarks, I Avili call your attention to tho oil pictures on the wall opposite, both executed by Dr. Heitzman, of Vienna, who has had much experience in -work of this kind in tho clinics of Tiirck and Schrötter. The first represents a section of the skull, throat and wind-pipe, when in position for laryngoscopy ; the second represents the laryngoal image, as seen in the mirror, the epiglottis being above, and the arytenoid cartilages beloAV, and the other parts in corresponding places. I call your attention to the color of the different parts in health, first accurately described, according to Mandl, by Stork ; the enormous volume, being, apparently, in a state of priapism. Death took place on the 10th. At the post mortem, the entire central portion of the corpora caArernosa was found to be tho seat of one largo abscess, which had destroyed the septum, extending to the submucous layers of the urethra.
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