Extracción de cobre mediante lixiviación bacteriana de relaves sulfurados - bornita y calcopirita

Juan Antonio Vega González, Gary Christiam Farfán Chilicaus, Iván Alberto Reyes López, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Soto, Aldo Roger Castillo Chung
2021 The 1st LACCEI International Multi-Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Regional Development: "Ideas to Overcome and Emerge from the Pandemic Crisis"   unpublished
The extraction of copper from minerals bornite and chalcopyrite present in the tailings of the Taulis -Calquis -San Miguel de Pallaques -Cajamarca area was evaluated, through the cultivation of microorganisms from acidic waters of environmental liabilities of the Province of Hualgayoc-Cajamarca. The microorganisms from acidic waters were isolated from the environmental liabilities in the Province of Hualgayoc, in parallel the cultivation and reactivation of the Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans
more » ... C 23270 strain was carried out, the cultures were adapted to the minerals obtained from the tailings facility, with the consortium Mixed bacterial obtained, the percentage of effectiveness in copper extraction from bornite and chalcopyrite minerals was evaluated. 19 treatments were carried out, 03 treatments with bornite mineral and bacterial cultures derived from the Thiobacillus ferrooxidans strain ATCC 23270, 03 treatments with bornite mineral and isolated microbial cultures of the same mineral, 03 treatments with bornite mineral and acidic water microbial cultures. 03 treatments with chalcopyrite mineral with mixed bacterial consortium of all cultures, 02 treatments with tailings and mixed bacterial consortium, 02 treatments with pyrite and bornite minerals with mixed bacterial consortium and 03 treatments were control without adding the bacterial culture to the tailings with bornite. The parameters analyzed during the adaptation and bacterial growth phases were pH, Eh, temperature and bacterial population (cells / ml), the percentage of copper extraction was analyzed. In 29 days of treatment, 5.88% copper extraction was obtained from the tailings with the bornite mineral and with a microbial consortium isolated from the same mineral, and 9.53% from the tailings with chalcopyrite mineral using a mixed microbial consortium.
doi:10.18687/leird2021.1.1.38 fatcat:gdfqtwu2xzgmbe7tjcqveit2um