Effect of Camel Milk Fortified with Dates in Ice Cream Manufacture on Viscosity, Overrun, and Rheological Properties during Storage Period

S. A. Salem, Fardous M., Meead G. H. El-Rashody
2017 Food and Nutrition Sciences  
The effect of using camel milk with 2 dates types (Sokary & Al-Khalas), in 3 forms (paste, pieces, and molasses), with 2 different concentrations (5% & 10%) in the manufacturing of ice cream on its viscosity, overrun%, rheological and melting properties during storage period up to 60 days at −18˚C was studied. It was noticed that there are higher mean of viscosity values (cp) when using "Al-khalas" dates paste 5% and 10% followed by samples with "sokary" paste then samples with molasses in ice
more » ... ream samples compared to those with added date's pieces of either "Sokary" or "Al-khalas". There are significant differences of overrun values between all treatments and samples with the added date paste of either "sokary" or "Al-khalas" which recorded the lowest values. Increased melting resistance and good qualities as heat shock and melting properties were significantly better for the samples with added dates pieces or paste unlike the molasses. The storage effect is obvious decline, especially when using dates molasses.
doi:10.4236/fns.2017.85038 fatcat:4eaaspp4x5du3ldsir3oe47lui