Modeling and schedulability analysis in the development of real-time distributed Ada systems

J. Javier Gutiérrez, José M. Drake, Michael González Harbour, Julio L. Medina
2002 ACM SIGAda Ada Letters  
1 The paper proposes a model for specific Ada structures that can be integrated into our methodology for modeling and performing schedulability analysis in the development phases of distributed real-time applications written in Ada 95 and using its Annexes D and E. This methodology is based on independently modeling the platform, the logical components used, and the real-time situations of the application itself (real-time transactions, workload or timing requirements). The specific models
more » ... nted in the paper provide support for the automated analysis of local and remote access to distributed services; hence, if a procedure of a remote call interface is invoked from a component assigned to a remote node, the corresponding communication model (with marshalling, transmission, dispatching, and unmarshalling of messages) is implicitly integrated into the overall model that is being analyzed.
doi:10.1145/584417.584426 fatcat:limkcm6ugbhqdcxs4rfoozr6kq