Nordenskjold's Expedition

1879 Scientific American  
J titutifit etutritau. 113 tricity seems to be the factor of the mysterious principle of spectable persons in the past have testified to its efficiency I leaves a remembrance of a lion hearted man, endowed with all life in the work of the human system." Mr. Prescott has a in discovering lodes of precious metals , and it is one of the I the charm which comes from strong will tempered by rich wonderfully sensitive organization. He has the hitherto strangest facts in human hIstory that mankind has
more » ... ry that mankind has stub-: experience and a buoyancy of spirits which nothing could unknown "electric sense," and he can, to speak metabornly refused to disc3ver precious metals by the use of repress. phorically, smell electricity or taste it in the air or earth. such a simple means, and have forced themselves into -4 .... He is not, however, the only person who bas claimed to have what may be called complicated and theoretical scientific THE AMERICAN ONION-SMUT IN FRANCE. this power. If he and his friends will procure a copy of methods. According to M. ·Max. Cornu, in a note recently presented Baron Charles von Reichenbach's "Physico-Physiological
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08231879-113c fatcat:yo3bp767zfc6hlsux4ixcw2aoe