University teacher's speech and self-presentation in e-learning and distance professional communication

Tatiana Isaeva, Elena Goryunova, D. Rudoy, A. Olshevskaya, N. Ugrekhelidze
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
The organization of professional communication in the context of e-learning is unthinkable without solving a number of issues related to the university teachers' speech behaviour. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem of studying of the teacher's vocal tract functioning, the prevention of occupational diseases of the vocal tract, as well as identifying the psychological and linguistic features of the teacher's speech during online classes, webinars and video lectures has become more than
more » ... evant. Basing on the study of the normative and methodological regulation issues of the online-speaker's speech in distance communication, the peculiarities of speech technique and oratory competency in conditions of distance learning, an interdisciplinary study was carried out, which made it possible to determine the factors that increase the effectiveness of e-learning, activate the students' attention and form a positive visual and audiolingual teacher's image. The use of empirical research methods made it possible to determine a number of features of the teacher's professional communication in the context of e-learning. The article offers recommendations for teachers and university authorities to improve professional qualifications in the field of the issues studied.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202127312147 fatcat:caxllyan4bf2dgkscrlts5b2ei