Occurrence of Cell Lytic Enzymes in Blue-Green Bacteria1

L. O. Ingram
1973 Journal of Bacteriology  
Detergent extracts of three blue-green bacteria (Agmenellum quadruplicatum strain BG1, Anacystis nidulans strain TX20, and Nostoc sp. strain MAC) contained enzymes capable of lysing suspensions of Micrococcus Iysodeikticus. The enzyme preparation from A. quadruplicatum released soluble reducing fragments from purified peptidoglycan. The lytic activity exhibited a pH optimum between 6 and 7, was relatively heat stable, and was susceptible to attack by proteolytic enzymes. These results extend
more » ... e results extend the range of bacterial types exhibiting cell lytic activity as well as confirm the existence of the lytic system commonly observed in "water blooms".
doi:10.1128/jb.116.2.832-835.1973 fatcat:x5xljaa3hnavrerfida6fsnan4