Stringy cosmic strings in matter coupled N = 2, d = 4 supergravity

Eric A Bergshoeff, Jelle Hartong, Mechthild Hübscher, Tomás Ortín
2008 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We extend the system of ungauged N=2, d=4 supergravity coupled to vector multiplets and hypermultiplets with 2-form potentials. The maximal number of 2-form potentials that one may introduce is equal to the number of isometries of either the special Kaehler or quaternionic Kaehler sigma model. We show that the local supersymmetry algebra can be realized on the 2-form potentials. These 2-forms couple electrically to strings which we refer to as stringy cosmic strings. The 1/2 BPS bosonic
more » ... BPS bosonic world-sheet actions for these strings are constructed and we discuss the properties of the 1/2 BPS stringy cosmic string solutions.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2008/05/033 fatcat:hc3dhvt3nzen3pbwo4ccydd53e