Construction of a massive ABJM theory without Higgs superfields

Sudhaker Upadhyay
2017 Europhysics letters  
A massive Aharony-Bergman-Jafferis-Maldacena (ABJM) model in N =1 superspace is analysed by considering a Proca type mass term into the most general Faddeev-Popov action in a covariant gauge. The presence of mass term breaks the original BRST and anti-BRST invariance of the model. Further, the symmetry of the massive ABJM model is restored by extending the BRST and anti-BRST transformations. We show that the supergauge dependence of generating functional for connected diagrams occurs in
more » ... of mass and ghost-anti-ghost condensates in the theory.
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/117/11001 fatcat:65mkyn7qp5hvlof4e4pp562kfy