Mane Rohith, Ramanarayan, R Srinivasa Kumar
2017 unpublished
Rural Connectivity becomes a critical component in the socioeconomic development of rural people by providing access to amenities like education, health, marketing etc. It has been established that investments in rural roads lifts rural people above the poverty line. The evidence also indicates that as the rural connectivity improves, the rural poverty levels come down. Economy of the nation is reliant on road infrastructure for which the roads should be intended to meet the steadily changing
more » ... rdens and environment. Economy of the nation is reliant on road infrastructure for which the roads should be intended to meet the steadily changing burdens and environment. Attributable to boom in vehicle development, vehicle load on our road is expanding quickly which requests for good nature of subgrade from economical design perspective. It turns out to be expensive to utilize soil having subgrade with low CBR worth to endure heavy loaded weight of vehicles, these requires the interest for enhancing the quality of subgrade utilizing stabilizers to enhance the CBR values, so that less thickness of asphalt can be designed with no bargain with quality of asphalt development. Bio-enzyme is a natural, non toxic, non flammable, non-corrosive liquid enzyme formulation fermentedfrom vegetable extracts that improves the engineering qualities of soil, facilitates higher soil compaction densities and increases stability. Enzyme catalyze the reactions between the clay and the organic cat-ions and accelerate the cat-ionic exchange process to reduce adsorbed layer thickness. For other types of chemical stabilization, chemicals are mixed with soil, which is difficult to mix thoroughly, but bio-enzyme is easy to use as it can be mixed with water at optimum moisture content and then it is sprayed over soil and compacted In recent past many Bio-Enzymes have come to the market which can be used as stabilizing agent. One such stabilizing agent is TerraZyme, which is used in the present investigation to further stabilize blended soil.Bio-enzymes available for soil stabilization such as renolith, Perma-Zyme, Terra-Zyme, Fujibeton etc. These enzymes have been proven to be very effective and economical. Another advantage of the bio-enzyme is that these are environment friendly. When these bio-enzymes are mixed with soil they alter its engineering properties UCC, CBR with longer curing period