Дискурсивные и стилистические особенности президентской политической речи в зависимости от ее адресата

Лариса Владиславовна Софронова
2020 Политическая лингвистика  
The article dwells on three speeches of the President of Turkey addressed to the international community, the Turkish diplomats and the Turkish people. The attention is paid to the difference of discursive, compositional and stylistic features of the speeches depending on the audience. The texts are considered from the point of view of their structure, expres-siveness, metaphorical imagery, degree of reductionism, and use of religious lexical components. Analysis of political speeches makes it
more » ... speeches makes it possible to single out their common features, as well as the distinguishing ones, typical of the specific style of a certain speaker..
doi:10.26170/pl20-03-12 fatcat:q7bjzctyxfcmtdan56pncewvja