Multi-Chain Collaboration-Based Information Management and Control for the Rice Supply Chain

Xiangzhen Peng, Xin Zhang, Xiaoyi Wang, Haisheng Li, Jiping Xu, Zhiyao Zhao
2022 Agriculture  
The issue of food quality and safety is a major concern. Rice is considered one of the three staple foods. Rice quality and safety problems have occurred frequently, which seriously affect human health. The rice supply chain is characterized by complex links, discrete data, and numerous types of hazardous substances. Strengthening the information management and control capabilities of the rice supply chain is an important means to ensure the quality and safety of rice. Based on multi-chain
more » ... boration, we have conducted research on information management and control of the rice supply chain. First, a multi-chain collaborative model of "blockchain + sub-chain" is designed. Based on this model, the following four mechanisms are designed: a trusted chain mechanism, a multi-level sub-chain encryption mechanism, a trusted supervision mechanism, and a hierarchical consensus mechanism. These mechanisms jointly serve the multi-chain collaborative management and control of the rice supply chain information. Secondly, smart contracts and operating procedures are designed, and a comparative analysis of them is executed. Finally, the design and implementation of the prototype system is carried out, and an example is verified and analyzed in a grain enterprise. Results show that this model serves the information supervision of the rice supply chain by studying the multi-chain collaboration. The study solves the real-time data interaction problem between each link of the rice supply chain. The credible management of information and control of the rice supply chain is accomplished. This study applies new information technology to the coordination and resource sharing of the food supply chain and provides ideas for the digital transformation of the food industry.
doi:10.3390/agriculture12050689 fatcat:4ugqjqy3wnhkfknygyfzqe6tke