Areal distribution of the oxygen-isotope ratio in greenland

H. Jay Zwally, Mario B. Giovinetto
1997 Annals of Glaciology  
Mean values of the oxygen-isotope ratio relative to standard mean ocean water (δ 18O, in ‰) reported for 46 sites on the Greenland ice sheet are compiled together with data on mean annual surface temperature, latitude, δ 18O elevation, and mean annual shortest distance to the open ocean denoted by the 10% sea-ice concentration boundary. Stepwise regression analyses, with δ 18O as the dependent variable, define two robust models. In the forward mode at the 99.9% confidence level, only
more » ... enters the model. In the backward mode at the 95% confidence level, only temperature, latitude and distance to the open ocean remain in the model. Inversions of the models on the basis of 160 gridpoint locations 100 km apart in the area delimited by the surface equilibrium line produce four contoured distributions of δ 18O. Two distributions are based on the bivarrate model and two on the multivariate model. The second distribution for each model is obtained substituting mean annual surface-temperature values obtained from the Nimbus-7 Temperature Humidity Infrared Radiometer (THIR) database. All four distributions are considered valid, and differences between them are evaluated using contoured anomaly maps. It is suggested that the inversion of the multivariate model using THIR data provides the more reliable pattern for studies of atmospheric advection or for the derivation of ice-flow adjustments for δ 18O series obtained from deep-core or ablation-zone sites.
doi:10.1017/s0260305500014051 fatcat:jokhheic6rdhvklmbep2izqsze