Case of Diabetes Mellitus

1858 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The notes of the following case aro particularly interesting at this time, although the case itsolf Avas not complete at the close of the record. Perhaps they may reach tho eye of some physician avIio observed the case later, and avIio avíII give the remainder of it. I say the caso is particularly interesting at this lime, because the use of BUgar and sugar-producing articles as food in diabetes, is iiOAv attracting attention on the other side of the Avatcr. The records arc made up to 11, A.M.
more » ... ade up to 11, A.M. Thos. Wclby, aged 38 years, married, Irish, shoemaker, intemperate, was admittod to the Hospital of the House of Industry, in this city, on the 28th of August, 1851. Reports himself sick for three years. Was in a hospital in County Gahvay, Ireland, for several months, for diabetes. Has at times been much improved, but latterly is failing. Present State.-Much emaciated. Appetite very good. Constipated. Tongue moderately clean, and furroAvcd. Skin very dry. In twenty-two hours has taken eight pints of tea and Avatcr. Has passed about eighteen pints of urine-the iirst gallon highcolored, the remainder straAV-eolored, and the last third, quite pale. No sediment. Has no pain. Pulso 76, and of sufficient strength. Heartsounds normal. Is a little deaf in both ears, without apparent cause. Deafness has been present during avIioIc of sickness. No affection of external oars. Cough slight. Has expectorated nuinmulatcd sputa, about two ounces in the last tAventy-two hours, which mostly sinks in Avatcr. Percussion sounds clear over both backs and fronts, except in the prtecordial region. On tho left side, bcloAv and bctAvccn scapula), voice quite resonant. Expiration loud, with crackling. Over tho remainder of both backs, the respiration louder than natural, with prolonged expiration. Respiration in proecordial region decidedly bronchial, Avith bronco-
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