An Investigation on the Spray Characteristics of DME with Variation of Nozzle Holes Diameter using the Common Rail Fuel Injection System
인젝터 노즐 홀 직경의 변화에 따른 DME 커먼레일 연료 분사 시스템의 분무 특성에 관한 연구 II

Sejun Lee, Ocktaeck Lim
2013 Transactions of Korean Society of Automotive Engineers  
DME spray characteristics were investigated about varied ambient pressure and fuel injection pressure using the DME common rail fuel injection system when the nozzle holes diameter is varied. The common rail fuel injection system with DME cooling system was used since DME has properties of compressibility and vaporization in atmospheric temperature. The fuel injection quantity and spray characteristics were measured. The spray analysis parameters were spray shape, penetration length, and spray
more » ... ngle at six nozzle holes. Three types of injector were used, the nozzle holes diameter were 0.166 mm (Injector 1), 0.250 mm (Injector 2), and 0.250 mm with enlargement of orifice hole from 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm (Injector 3). The fuel injection pressure was varied by 5MPa from 35 to 70MPa when the ambient pressure was varied 0, 2.5, and 5MPa. When using Injector 3 in comparison to the others, the DME injection quantity was increased 1.69 ~ 2.02 times. Through this, it had the similar low heat value with diesel which was injected Injector 1. Among three types of injector, Injector 3 had the fastest development velocity of penetration length. In case of spray angle, Injector 2 had the largest spray angle. Through these results, only the way enlargement the nozzle holes diameter is not the solution of DME low heat value problem.
doi:10.7467/ksae.2013.21.4.001 fatcat:r3wx2lydfjhfpjczbuxz6ew7qa