Meat chicken productivity when vitamin-selenium-containing preparations in combination with enzymes use in diets

V. A. Zlepkin, A. A. Ryadnov, V. V. Salomatin, N. A. Zlepkina, S. Belousov, S. Roshchupkin
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
The article presents the research results on the vitaminselenium-containing preparation (1.0 l / t) using effectiveness in the broiler chickens diet in combination with enzyme preparations "CelloLux-F" (100 g/t, experimental group I), "Protosubtilin G3x" (60 g/t, experimental group II) and "Amylosubtilin G3x" (200 g/t, experimental group III). It was found that the broilers of the experimental groups exceeded the average live weight by 2.74-4.95%; dry matter digestibility - by 0.89-1.58%,
more » ... n - by 1.41-2.71%, fat - by 1.16-2.03%, fiber - by 0.82-1.69 and nitrogen-free extractive substances - 0.74-1.43%, nitrogen use - by 1.35-2.99%; drawn bird weight - by 2.93-5.89%, edible carcass parts - by 3.33-6.47%, pectoral muscles - by 3.53-7.83%. In the experimental groups broiler chickens, the meat quality indicators are improved: dry matter content in the pectoral muscles - by 0.30; 0.12 and 0.07%, protein - by 0.41 (P <0.001); 0.16 (P <0.01) and 0.13% (P <0.05). The experimental broilers groups slightly exceeded the control group in terms of the biological value and the pectoral muscles meat culinary and technological properties. Redox and metabolic processes were more intensive in young animals of the experimental groups than in the control one. Among the experimental groups, the meat productivity and quality highest indicators were noted in broiler chickens of the I-st experimental group, they received the preparation "Carcesel" in combination with the enzyme preparation "CelloLux-F".
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202128504013 fatcat:wuckswmbvfac7nk7nddtajeiwi