I Satyanarayana, Giri Reddy, P Chandrashekar, I Satyanarayana, Giri Reddy, P Chandrashekar
VED System generates very high power (in the range of kW to MW) at very high frequency (GHz to THz). VED Systems are having wide application areas like, electron cyclotron resonance heating (ECRH) in thermonuclear fusion plasmas, industrial heating, materials processing, medical sciences, security, high power communications, etc. VED System mainly consists of Magnetron Injection Gun (MIG), RF interaction cavity, collector and window. VED System resonant collector is very much responsible for
more » ... responsible for VED System oscillation. VED System collector to be developed made up with Oxygen Free High Conductive Copper (OFHC). This collector suffers from the RF wall loss, which has been optimized using design parameters and limited within lxl 0XW/in'. Water-cooled Copper collector for VED Systems are investigated using Finite Element Method, aimed at optimizing its thermal-hydraulic (TH) performance. The collector is subjected to transient heat loads, due to the spent electron beam, of up to several MW/m2. The present study is to Design and thermal analysis of VED System collector using Finite Element Method for 0.65MW, 0.45MW incident power on collector, and to validate the structure for thermo mechanical loads.