Theoretical isochrones in the observational plane of the Vilnius photometric system

A. Bressan, G. Tautvaišienė
1996 Open Astronomy  
Theoretical isochrones for the initial chemical composition [Z=0.0004, y=0.23], [Z=0.004, Y"=0.24], [Z=0.008, 7=0.25] and [Z= 0.02, Y=0 .28] and ages in the range 4-10 6 yr to 16-10 9 yr are presented in the observational plane of the Vilnius photometric system. The isochrones have been calculated from stellar models computed with the most recent radiative opacities by Iglesias et al. (1992) using the same procedure as described by Bertelli et al. (1994) . All stellar models were followed from
more » ... were followed from the zero age main sequence (ZAMS) to the central carbon ignition for massive stars or to the beginning of the thermally pulsing regime of the asymptotic giant branch phase (TP-AGB) for low and intermediate mass stars. For each isochrone, we give the current mass, effective temperatures, bolometric and visual magnitudes, U-P, P-X, X-Y, Y-Z, Z-Vand V-S color indices of the Vilnius photometric system and the luminosity function for the case of the Salpeter law.
doi:10.1515/astro-1996-0209 fatcat:x4nh4tcbqffxlhgoow2yt6n5yq