Spin transport and polarimetry in the beam delivery system of the international linear collider

M Beckmann, J List, A Vauth, B Vormwald
2014 Journal of Instrumentation  
Polarised electron and positron beams are key ingredients to the physics programme of future linear colliders. Due to the chiral nature of weak interactions in the Standard Model - and possibly beyond - the knowledge of the luminosity-weighted average beam polarisation at the e^+e^- interaction point is of similar importance as the knowledge of the luminosity and has to be controlled to permille-level precision in order to fully exploit the physics potential. The current concept to reach this
more » ... ept to reach this challenging goal combines measurements from Laser-Compton polarimeters before and after the interaction point with measurements at the interaction point. A key element for this enterprise is the understanding of spin-transport effects between the polarimeters and the interaction point as well as collision effects. We show that without collisions, the polarimeters can be cross-calibrated to 0.1 we discuss in detail the impact of collision effects and beam parameters on the polarisation value relevant for the interpretation of the e^+e^- collision data.
doi:10.1088/1748-0221/9/07/p07003 fatcat:rqtmnlwj4rembfz4x4a2t7brce