Mixing and settling in continuous metal production [report]

H.J. Richter
1992 unpublished
Modem metallurgical converters ate operated in the horizontal mode to permit staging of bath oxygen potential by utilizing bottom-blowing of oxygen and fuel. The submerged injectors must provide sufficient turbulence to maxiniiz heat and tnass transfer in the bath but must k selectively localized so as to provide adequate phase separation zones bcetween the active turbulent zones. A test facility has been built to study gas injection into a bath simulating such a convener and instnimentation
more » ... h as flow meters and a Laser Doppler Velocimeter were installed. Further instnimentation such as a resistivity probe to measure void fraction is under construction. First experimental results are available and numerical modelling sf the simplest case were completed SUCCe ss f ull y ,
doi:10.2172/7203753 fatcat:qhah6o33gvg57afldrutbslrsy