Zur Übersetzung juristischer Termini in deutschen und polnischen Klageanträg

Michał Młodecki
2018 Glottodidactica An International Journal of Applied Linguistics  
A b s t r a c t . The present paper aimed at suggesting Polish and German equivalents o f legal terms used in the petitions o f suits in both languages. First the methods o f translating legal terms given in the literature were presented. According to them came the catalogue o f the mentioned Polish and German legal terms with the argumentation for the choice o f the suggested equivalents both in Pol ish and German. The assumed principle was, that in the case o f two different legal systems,
more » ... t legal systems, one should, if possible, avoid translating legal terms o f the source language with the parallel legal terms o f the target language. The discussed legal terms and their equivalents were juxtaposed in a table as a summary.
doi:10.14746/gl.2001.29.03 fatcat:nw6ghvvwbzh4lk4wburiihtbwi