Cato Institute 2017 Financial Regulation Survey [Q1-Q4 held for future release]

Cato Institute, Yougov
5. [ASK IF R USED PAYDAY LENDER/INSTALLMENT LENDER IN PAST 12 MONTHS] In general, do you believe the payday or installment lenders you have used ever misled or misinformed you about the fees and risks involved with a loan, or do you believe they have given you good information? (ROTATE) N=71 n Misled or misinformed 35% n Provided good information 63% n Don't know/Refused 2% n Total 100% [Q6-Q41 held for future release] 42. What do you think should be the top three priorities of federal
more » ... of federal regulation of banks and financial institutions? (Select up to three) (ROTATE) n Protect consumers from fraud 65% n Ensure banks and financial institutions fulfill their obligations to account holders 56% n Foster economic growth 29% n Ensure banks and financial institutions can operate efficiently 22% n Prevent banks and financial institutions from making bad decisions 20% n Promote competition 18% n Prevent consumers from making bad decisions 14% n Ban financial products that are risky 13% n Ensure banks and financial institutions don't make too much profit 12% n Promote innovation 10% n Other 3% [Q43-Q77 held for future release]